The Eleven Club in Stoke needs your support.

The Eleven Club in Stoke is a venue that Climax Blues Band performed at recently and would like to support in these difficult times.

Eleven is a small family run business not a big multi national anybody who knows us or has been to Eleven knows this, we put all our money in to financing Eleven we knew it was needed in the area and it could work, 4 years ago 21st November we opened…we have had fantastic support from customers, artists and all those in the industry, over the last 18 months we started to see a light at the end of the tunnel, through the hard and dedicated work of our staff, customers, all involved, then covid hit… we have done our best not to set up a funding page… at the beginning of the lockdown we didn’t want to start a funding page because there were so many other venues asking for help and at that point we thought we would be ok ..let the venues who really need help now ask for help we would just be making it less to go around , but as time has passed almost 8 months losing money we have no choice but to ask for help ..your help the moment the government are looking at closing hospitality again which is our sector, public confidence is down even though we are doing our very very best to open we just keep getting kicked in the teeth, we like many other venues have received no government funding so now we turn to you, all those who have attended Eleven over the last 4 years if you each just gave £1 we could survive for another 6 months, we want to stay open we all love Eleven and you the Eleven family, with this fund raiser we are asking you for help in our hour of need… The Eleventh hour…    June, Paul and all the staff xx

To support The Eleven Club please visit:
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