Here are real quotes from YouTube viewers who listened to “Hands of Time”, the new album from Climax Blues Band released January 2019.

YouTube Reviews

“Awesome new Album!!! GORGEOUS++++ thanks.”
Marie Brigitte Sevaistre

“What a band…they just don’t stop…incredible.”
Francine Charle

“Absolutely adore this band!! What a fantastic stage performance ~ so jazzy, soulful and bluesy all wrapped up together!!! What a voice… such a class act!! This album is a must~ HANDS OF TIME”
June Tyner

“Love it. Definitely buying and looking forward to seeing you in London and The Stables too!”

“Wow, what a great song! I will be one of the first who buys the new Hands of Time LP 👍. Thank you for 50 years of great music!”
O. Joos

“Good looking video and a cool tune. Well done.”
Ian Bannister

“Simply top!!!”

“Great song and album. Looking forward to the UK tour.”
Kenneth Baskerville

“Awesome Song, very cool! I have seen the band one time some years ago live on stage. This Album is different to that I hear before, brilliant.”
Christian-Albrecht Groddeck

“Simply perfect.”
Oliver Graf

“Superb. Love it lads.”
Graham Payne


“Absolutely fantastic it’s just like going back in time.”
John Atkinson

About “Hands of Time”

‘Hands of time’ is the band’s 21st album consisting of 13 original tracks, plus a bonus unreleased track with the late Colin Cooper.

Hands of Time is the 21st album by Climax Blues Band, consisting of 13 new original songs, plus a bonus unreleased track ‘Getting There’ with the late Colin Cooper. It was recorded at Silk Mill Studios in Staffordshire, UK and is a mixture of bluesy funk, soul and jazz rock, all of the ingredients that have kept the band working for over 50 years.

The album has a fresher more modern feel to it than on previous releases and is being well received by the industry. You can hear a selection of the new songs played live by the band when they embark on their major UK & European tour staring in 2019 to promote the album’s release.

George Glover – Keyboards
Lester Hunt – Guitar
Neil Simpson – Bass Guitar
Roy Adams – Drums
Graham Dee – Vocalising
Chris Aldridge – Saxes

Track List:

Ain’t That a Kick in the Head
Straight Down the Middle
What’s Your Name
Flood of Emotion
Top of the World
My Music
17th Street Canal
Simple Song
The Cat
Hands of Time
Hard Luck
Wrong Time

Bonus Track
Getting There
(Featuring Colin Cooper: Vocals & Sax)