Climax Blues Band thank fans after gig 2019

Here are the latest Climax Blues Band 2019 live gig and Hands of Time CD reviews:

“Alright fellas, just been to see you a the Phil music room. Thanks for a great, great gig fellas, you are all such superb musicians, the year’s show through in your skills.ย I really did enjoy tonight, as did my brother in law, Pete, a 60th birthday present. You asked who’s got the new LP, and those who hadn’t wouldn’t know what they were listening too, I was much worse if than that. Only come across you a couple of weeks ago, as I always look to see who’s on the music room, have a look at whoever on you tube and get a ticket if I like the sound. As I was saying to your man Chris in the interval. I only had a look at a couple of your newer vids on you tube, that was enough, I was in. Pete my brother in law came purely on my recommendation, we are both very glad we did. First few chords of the first track you played, I knew you were the real deal. I’ll be spreading the word boys. Good luck, and thanks.
Liverpool Philharmonic
February 24, 2019

Steve Bennett (Facebook)
Great night and audience at the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic!

Great gig and I absolutely love the new CD

Katerina Mitsa
An excellent song …. A wonderful album !!!

Marie Brigitte Sevaistre
awesome++++ (but not too surprising with this fabulous Band!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Vera Hes
Great thx for sharing. Wish you the best of Luck.


Archi Bukson

Graham Payne
Superb. Love it lads.

John Atkinson
Absolutely fantastic it’s just like going back in time

June Tyner
Absolutely adore this band!! What a fantastic stage performance ~ so jazzy, soulful and bluesy all wrapped up together!!! What a voice.. such a class act!! This album is a must~ HANDS OF
Fabulous and Fantastic MUSIC, Thx.u, Good Time for you

Wow, what a great song! I will be one of the first who buys the new Hands of Time LP ๐Ÿ‘.

Nicki Dance1
Love it. Definitely buying and looking forward to seeing you in London and The Stables too!

Francine Charle
What a band…they just donโ€™t stop… incredible.