Place of Birth:
Birmingham, England

Educated at:
Bristnall Hall Comprehensive

First Musical Memory:
Doris Day the Deadwood stage

First Serious Music Hero:
Mitch Mitchell

First Public Performance:
When I was 17 playing in the social club. I think the song was Crossroads by Cream.

First Professional Band:
Patsy Powell and The Goodtimers, a Country band.

First Album Performance and Age:
Rainmaker in 1978

Favourite Decade for Music:
The one we are in. So much great music around plus a brand new Climax Blues Band album.

Bands Before Climax:
Too numerous to mention them all, but my two favourites were Rainmaker and Resistor.

Five Musical Heroes:
Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, Jaco Pastorius Steve Gadd and Stevie Wonder.

Musical Projects outside CBB:
Again far too many to mention but obviously Roy Wood, the Patsy Gamble Band, Masai Blues and The Quiet Men.

Equipment Used:
Yamaha recording custom 9000. Various Sabian symbols.

Any Superstitions:
Don't wipe your bum on a cheese grater.

On Stage Drink:
Dom Perignon 58

Interests Outside of Music:
Military history and desperately trying to stay fit