Place of Birth:
Under a gooseberry bush

Educated at:
The School of hard knocks

First Musical Memory:
Being made to stand in the corner at nursery school age four after repeatedly singing "yeah, yeah, yeah" from the Beatles "She Loves You".

First Serious Music Hero:
Stanley Clarke

First Public Performance:
Playing at a  school morning assembly - terrified!

First Professional Band:
Are you talking about attitude or actuality? The two rarely go together!

First Album Performance and Age:
Wax cylinders only allowed for a couple of minutes recording time, therefore it was only a single not an album.

Favourite Decade for Music:

Bands Before Climax:
Way too many to mention and a lot of which I would care to forget!

Five Musical Heroes:
"The other five guys in the band"  yuk! Haha!

Musical Projects outside CBB:
Roy Wood and assorted pop, rock, funk, jazz line-ups "catering for different musical tastes and styles"!

Equipment Used:
Mark Bass amplification and assortment of 4,5,6,7 and 12 string basses. (True!)

Any Superstitions:
Must have a drink on stage

On Stage Drink:
All of them

Interests Outside of Music:
Taxidermist, marshmallow throwing, bog snorkelling. You know, the usual stuff!