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February 28, 2020

51 years later and 21 albums and various personnel changes in the band and some who said they “Couldn’t get it Right” the Climax Blues Band, arrive with a brand new project called “Hands of Time” and well worth the wait.

The album is phenomenally great, I have been a huge long-time fan of the group. I actually played the song “Couldn’t get it Right” on my radio show back in the day. What I recall most of the band their immortal song called “I love you” from 1980 and from that moment on I was a fan. This cemented my feelings and following the band. The band formed back in 1969 and originally called Climax Chicago Blues Band.

Formed by now deceased and founding member Colin Cooper, who sadly passed away in 2008, however, he has been quoted to have said that he wanted the band to go on. Arriving in 2019 the band has gone on, and with the album called “Hands of Time”. The album starts off with a song called “Ain’t that a Kick in the Head” and what a tremendous song. The saxophone is a dominant ingredient on many of the songs on the album, and at first listen I heard a lot of jazzy riffs, but as I listened more intently it became more focussed on that bluesy rock sound that has a sound of the not so distant Climax Blues Band of the ’70s. The vocals of Graham Dee the song comes alive with the fireworks of the band and explodes in your ears and has a real feel to it with the ever-present sax of Chris Aldridge.

The next song called “Straight down the Line” kicks this album into the next level and the song is strong and once again sax is a dominant factor and the song really has a bold feel to it and I loved it. With this song gaining momentum, the next song arrives called “What’s your Name” and brings down the tempo a little, a slower ballad that has a real blues feel and with Graham Dee and his vocals are clear and present and really enjoyed the song that makes you feel alive.

As my listening went on the next track started and wow!!! Holy shit!! What a great song hearing the opening riffs a song called “Flood of Emotion” and really grips onto your heart and clinches with the mighty power of the true band that is the Climax Blues Band. I love the song and what a truly lovely message that the band defines through their superior talents.

The next song called “Top of the World” a song that brings in the remembrance factor of the oldies and songs that takes your music part of the brain to the past with a little bit of soul and a little Johnny B. Good. The next track called “My Music” another song that slows the tempo down and brings in the superb vocal arrangements of Graham Dee and the song brings in the Full Monty with the army of sax and the band that takes you on a ride through wants and wishes but remains constant subject of “My Music” the sound is outstanding and has a total sound that is unmatched to anything I haven’t heard in a while.

The next song brings in the elements of blues and has an almost progressive sound to it and has smooth sounding vocals and the sax really assists with telling the story on this song, and is really a great song. The next track on this miraculous album is called “Simple Song” and that’s about what it is with all the la las and ooh ahhs & dooo doooo’s, the band keeps it simple but gives you a little sample of simpleness and how those songs seem to be easy to sing.

The next song an intricate and detailed song that has blues riffs and picks a sound that is narrated through included with sound effects and all. The blues is apparently woven within this wonderful band and remains since the inception of the band. It’s really hard not to miss the sax on this one, they are a very big part of this song but again assist with their musical story on this song. If there is ever a song to define this band this would be it, the song is called “Hands of Time” and the song is amazing and awesome and the band showcase their true talents and take lend from their true roots as a blues, jazzy rock music and come through with flying colours of fireworks on this remarkable song, and is my personal favourite on the album.

The next track called “Faith” the band shares a little sound from it’s ‘Couldn’t get it Right” days but brings current and freshness to it and the song keeps the eclectic sounds revived.

The next song called “Hard Luck” the band drives their sound in with this song where the whole band is involved and feel that aliveness kick into gear again and has a blues, funk jazz structure to it, however, has an edge of rock to it that keeps the accelerator pushed to the floor.

The song called “Wrong Time” is another fine example of the why’s and how’s i fell in love with this truly talented and amazing sounding band called the Climax Blues Band, the song once again brings alive the entire bands talents and showcases all of them together to make a great song that has total musicality to it.

The last song on this truly amazing and truly heartfelt album is called “Getting There” which features the late colin cooper and shows that the band is heading towards the future at a fast pace and will reap the awards that await them on their bridge of life. Colin Cooper hasn’t lost his abilities to turn out a solid song and from a band that some say “Couldn’t get it Right” and after 51 years of solid music that I will continue to follow and keep up with.

As a music reviewer, this album is a truly beautiful piece of music and “I love you” and thanks for the years of truly wonderful music. Many thanks to the band Roy, Graham, Neil, Chris, George, Les and to Colin Cooper for having the dream and sharing it with the world.

Many thanks going out to Mr. Alyn Smith for his tremendous assistance, if not for him this review would not have happened.
Steven F. Adams
Music reviewer & publicist & owner Sound Wave One
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Author SOUNDWAVEONE Steven F. Adams

Posted on February 28, 2020