Place of Birth:
Stretford, Manchester

Educated at:
Westwood High School, Leek Staffordshire

First Musical Memory:
Listening to my father playing piano in a bar.

First Serious Music Hero:
Stephan Grappelli

First Public Performance:
Warslow Village Hall - Saturday night dance and fight.

First Professional Band:

First Album Performance and Age:
Hunter first album 1976 composer, singer and guitarist. Age 20 at release.

Favourite Decade for Music:

Bands Before Climax:
Chopper, Hunter, Demon and many guest spots.

Five Musical Heroes:
Stefan Grappelli, Paul Kossoff, Ritchie Blackmore, Peter Green and Rory Gallagher.

Musical Projects outside CBB: 
Many past involvements, currently The Barflys and JLS-a.k.a.

Equipment Used:
Gibson ES 347, Fender Contemporary Telecaster.
Roland GP 100 Processor, martial valve state 8080 Celestion speakers.

Any Superstitions:
Never drink out of a dry glass.

On Stage Drink:
Scotch whiskey and Sugar-free Coke

Interests Outside of Music:
Buying presents for my grandchildren that I always wanted but never had. Photography and photographic manipulation for the partially sighted. Cooking without damaging or losing a body part. Active member of the keep our pub open committee. Extremely time-consuming!